Bosch GMS 100M Professional Wood and Metal Sensor

Bosch GMS 100M Professional Wood and Metal Sensor

Item No. BOSGMS100M.

Bosch GMS 100M Professional Wood and Metal Sensor:

- Ideal for Plumbers detecting hidden pipes, Electricians tracing power supply lines or finding general hidden dangers

- Best in class precise location of metal objects

- Lightweight handheld device that provides quick and accurate detection of metal only

- Detects metal as deep as 10 cm below the surface allowing for safe drilling

- No centre of object detection, but accurate detection of the whole object

- 3 light system shows the user where is safe, when there is an object nearby and where the actual object is

- Reliable accurate and robust, perfect for any tradesman

- Automatic calibration saves end user time

- High sensitivity detection depth of up to 10 cm with all sensors placed round the marking hole

- New yellow LED ring will warn of nearby objects

- Simplicity of use single button operation allowing for straight forward use

- Detection of live wire cables (5cm)

- Calibration free

Comes with:

- Protective bag

- Hand strap

- 1 x 9 V 6LR61 Block



Bosch GMS 100M Professional Wood and Metal Sensor
Model NoGMS100M
Max. detection depth100 mm
Max. AC scan live wire50 mm
Detection depth, steel, max100 mm
Detection depth, copper, max80 mm
Automatic deactivation facility5 min
IP protectionIP54
Display backlightYes
Acoustic signalYes
Dimensions200 × 86 × 32 mm
Power supply1 x 9V 6LR61

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