Bosch PMF 10.8 Li-ion Multifunction Oscillating Multi-Tool 230v

Bosch PMF 10.8 Li-ion Multifunction Oscillating Multi-Tool

Item No. BOSPMF108LI.

The PMF 10.8 LI from Bosch is a highly versatile power tool. It has a wide range of applications from cutting and sawing wood, sanding plastic and metal to scraping and grout removal. Even in the tightest of corners and edges the PMF 10.8 LI will perform.

The secure grip gives you the confidence to cut with precision. Match the speed to the material, with the speed selector. The 10.8 volt motor delivers high power for all applications ensuring it is ideal for smaller jobs involving sawing in selected types of wood, plunge-cutting in soft wood & plastic and sanding wood and metal with a variety of sanding sheets. The more you work with it the more you'll appreciate its abilities, versatility, power and manoeuvrability in tight spaces. The PMF 10.8 LI also comes with a 1 hour charging unit.

The PMF 10.8 LI is practically ready to use all of the time. Whether the battery is fully charged, half charged or empty. The PMF 10.8 LI can be placed in the charging station without the worry of memory effect and self-discharge, as these are a thing of the past. The quick charge time also ensures you are not left waiting too long to use the PMF.

The Bosch Eco Electric system increases the run time of the battery by reducing the speed of the unit when it doesn't sense a load. Once the load is applied it instantly brings the unit back to the original speed.

BIM segment saw blade for wood and metal, 85 mm
HCS plunge-cutting saw blade for wood, 32 x 40 mm
Delta sanding sheet set, Wood, 93 mm
Delta sanding plate 93 mm
1-hour Li-Ion charger
Battery pack

10.8 Volt
Lithium-ion technology
Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP)
Oscillation angle
Speed preselection



Bosch PMF 10.8 Li-ion Multifunction Oscillating Multi-Tool 230v
Model NoPMF 10.8 LI
Battery voltage10,8 V
No-load speed5.000 - 20.000 rpm
Oscillation angle on left/right2,8 °
Weight incl. battery0,9 kg

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