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Stanley 0-43-511 230mm Shockproof Torpedo Level
Stanley 0-42-465 230mm Aluminium Torpedo Level
Stanley 0-42-294 200M Plastic Torpedo Level
Stanley 0-42-287 80mm Line Level
Stanley 0-42-130 87mm Pocket Level
Stanley 1-45-013 1200mm Folding Builders Square
Stanley 2-46-500 200mm Try And Mitre Square
Stanley 0-46-151 300mm Combination Square
Stanley 2-46-028 300mm Die Cast Combination Square
Stanley 2-46-222 300mm Combination Metal Square
Stanley 1-45-530 600mm Carpenters Steel Square
Stanley 0-46-702 225mm Rosewood Joiner Bevel
Stanley 0-46-825 200mm Plastic Joiner Bevel
Stanley 0-46-529 228mm Plastic Joiner Bevel
Stanley 2-47-064 215mm Marking Gauge
Stanley 0-77-030 Moisture Meter INT077030
Stanley 1-94-850 FatMax Mobile Chest
Stanley 1-95-891 Heavy Duty Clamping Floodlight
Stanley 1-95-152 FatMax Aluminium Torch
Stanley 1-95-151 FatMax Aluminium Torch
Stanley 0-10-818 FatMax Xtreme Fixed Blade Knife
Stanley 0-10-780 FatMax Fixed Blade Knife
Stanley 1-10-550 Titan Fixed Blade Knife
Stanley 0-10-705 Fixed Blade Knife
Stanley 0-10-299 Fixed Blade Utility Knife
Stanley 0-10-789 FatMax Retractable Twin Blade Knife
Stanley 0-10-855 Folding Utility Knife
Stanley 0-10-819 Fatmax Xtreme Retractable Knife
Stanley 0-10-825 Fatmax Retractable Folding Knife
Stanley 0-10-778 Fatmax Titan Retractable knife
Stanley 2-10-122 Titan Retractable Knife
Stanley 0-10-707 Retractable Blade Knife