Electrical Tools

CK Magma Builder's Tool Pouch MA2716CK Magma Builder's ToolBelt Set MA2714CK Magma Electrician's Tool Pouch MA2717ACK Magma Electrician's ToolBelt Set MA2715
CK Magma MA2727 Braces CK Magma Technician's Rucksack MA2631CK Magma Technician's Vest MA2729CK Ratchet Crimping pliers Non Insulated Terminals T3676
CK T2250 Armourslice SWA Cable Stripper CK T2271 Non Contact Voltage Detector with Visual Indicator 70-1,000ACCK T2272 Non Contact Voltage DetectorCK T3622B Snip Nose Plier Straight
CK T3626B 8 Snip Nose Plier Straight 200mmCK T3744 Cable & Wire Rope Cutter 190mmCK T3805 RedLine VDE 3 Set of Plier, Side Cutter & Nose PlierCK T39071-1180 VDE Redline Combicutter 180mm
CK T3963 240 Cable cutter 240mm CK T3988 200mm Standard Top CutterCK T4108A 07 Pincer 180mmCK T4108A 08 Pincer 200mm
CK T4729 5 Piece Triton XLS Insulated Screwdriver SetCK T4755 Conduit Bush WrenchCK T4760 Flexible Shafted Bit Holding ScrewdriverCK T4820 Torque Screwdriver Set (1.5 to 4.0Nm)
CK T5951 Electricians 6 Pcs Core Tool KitCK T5953 9pcs Pliers & Screwdrivers Kit Pozidrive VersionCK T5954 9Pcs Pliers & Screwdriver Kit Phillips VersionCK T5955 VDE 11 Piece Data Communication Tool Kit
CK T5956 VDE 41 Piece Technician's Tool Kit CK T6215 80W Professional Glue Gun CK T9505 100 Lumens LED Hand TorchCK T9510 LED Hand Torch 120 Lumens