Peelaway 1 Paint Removal System 5kg + 15 kgPeelaway 7 Paint Removal System (150g,750g,4Kg+10kg) Polycell Brush Cleaner 500ml Polythene Dust Sheet Bio-Degradable 12'x9' (2.7mx3.6m approx)
Polythene Dust Sheet Decor 8 Triple Pack 12 x 9Polythene Dust Sheeting 9'x12'x150GProdec Advance Titan Cage Frame 9"/225mm x 1.75" Prodec Brush Roller and Cleaner Spinnner Duo RBRC
Prodec FEX43WP Multi Folding Ladder with Platform Rodo 3.6m 12 footProDec PDPY004 2.1M Doorway Zipped Dust ProtectorProdec PRCP25 Carpet/Floor Protecta 25Mt x 625mm  Prodec Rodo 15M 1 1/2" Masking Tape 25mm x 50m Roll
Prodec Rodo 1M 1" Masking Tape 25mm x 50m RollProdec Rodo 2M 2" Masking Tape 50mm x 50m RollProdec Rodo 3M 3" Masking Tape 75mm x 50m RollProdec Rodo DWDK607 700mm Aluminium Workstand
Prodec Rodo LFD44AL 44cm Aluminium Step Up StoolProdec Rodo Painter's BiB & Brace PC18732Prodec Rodo Painter's Trousers White Cotton PC19928Professional Lily Dusting Brush 4"
Purdy 1.5" Putty Knife Flex with Hammerhead 140900015Purdy 140743014 White Dove Mini Roller System 14" FramePurdy 140855612 Power Lock Extension Pole 1-2 FootPurdy 140855624 Power Lock Extension Pole 2-4 Foot
Purdy 140855648 Power Lock Extension Pole 4-8 FootPurdy 140855661 Power Lock Extension Pole 6-12 FootPurdy 144603092 Marathon Pro Extra 9" Roller Sleeve 3/8 NapPurdy 144624062 2 Pack Marathon Jumbo Mini Roller 3/8" Nap 4 1/2"
Purdy 144626062 2 Pack Marathon Jumbo Mini Roller 3/8" Nap 6 1/2"Purdy 144770014 14" Jumbo Mini Frame 3/4" CorePurdy 14A751349 Revolution Frame 9" Core 1 3/4"Purdy 14C810600 White Dove Jumbo Mini Set (4-1/2" x 3/8" Covers)