Draper 39039 40,000 BTU 10kW 230v Space Heater

Draper 39039 40,000 BTU 10kW 230v Space Heater

Item No. DRA39039.

For use in open and semi-open environments. High performance stainless steel burner assembly with control box rated to IP44. Thermostat and thermocouple with solenoid for gas flame safety. Piezo push button ignition. Supplied with gas hose regulator, cable and approved plug. Carton packed.



Draper 39039 40,000 BTU (10kW) 230v Stainless Steel Propane Mix Space Heater PSH41SS
Model No39039
Part NoPSH41SS
Max. heat output40,900 BTU/(12kW)
Air Flow295cfm (8,356L/min)
Gas hose length1.5M (approx.)
Diameter 240mm
Max. gas consumption0.85kg/h
Suggested heating areaup to 5000cu. ft
Weight (approx.)6.7kg

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