Makita 240v Heat Gun Heavy Duty HG651CK

Makita HG651CK 240v Heat Gun Heavy Duty

Item No. MAKHG651CK.

Makita HG651CK Heat Gun complete with reduction nozzle, reflector nozzle, wide slot nozzle, pressure roller, overlap wide nozzle and carrying case. Available in 110 and 240 volts.

* 2 level air flow adjustment
* Removes labels stickers
* Thaws frozen pipes
* Loosens tiles & putty
* Double insulated

Comes with:

* Reduction nozzle
* Reflector nozzle
* Wide slot nozzle
* Pressure roller
* Overlap wide nozzle
* Carrying case



Heat Gun Heavy Duty HG651CK
Model NoHG651CK
Air Flow200 - 550 m³/min
TemperatureInput Wattage
2000 wNet weight
0.78 kg

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